Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are subject to change.

Payment: Full payment is required at the time of registration. Payments are accepted via our PayPal online processor or via E-Transfer. No other forms of payment are accepted. Any discrepancies from your receipt must be reported within in 24 hours. Smudge is also not able to take on the administrative duty of accepting payments from a third-party program to be reimbursed by us to the original purchaser. Prices may be subject to GST.

Availability Policy: All registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no waiting lists.

Absences: As we have already committed to you to provide a service, we are not able to offer a refund/credit if an artist misses an event. A partial refund policy and absence options are in place for Paint & Sips (below). 

Illness: To keep ourselves and our artists healthy, we ask that artists do NOT attend if ill. Since our health and the health of our participants are of the utmost importance, we reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave if they are sick with no compensation provided. It is recommended that if artists are not feeling well they find someone to take their place.

Weather: All events will run as scheduled except in a weather event. Upon Smudge’s discretion, an event may be cancelled when a majority of the roads are reported as red by AMA Road Reports in and around the City of Lethbridge, or anywhere through OUR travels en route to the event (not yours). As we know how quickly Southern Alberta weather can change, especially in the winter, we may make this decision up to one hour before the start time of the event/workshop. If the roads turn within the hour of the start time, the event/workshop will still run as scheduled as we cannot make changes within that period.  In the event of a weather event cancellation, participants will be notified as quickly as possible and, at the choice of Smudge, either: (a) rescheduled to an alternate date/time within one month of the weather event, or; (b) a credit memo will be issued to be used within three months of the weather event. Refunds will NOT be issued for weather events as they are out of our control. 

Clothing: Due to the nature of the activities taking place, clothes/shoes may become damaged/stained. Please remember to wear clothing that can become damaged. Smudge Art Studio Inc.© will not be held responsible for any damaged clothing/shoes/accessories

Accommodation & Supervision: At Smudge, we want everyone to have fun! If you feel that you or your artist should require extra assistance, please discuss accommodations and/or supervision with management before registering.

Photos: Smudge reserves the right to use our photographic material for promotional purposes without compensation to the subjects. If you do not want to be photographed, please let us know before the start of the event.

Information: All information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. collected on this form will not be shared or distributed with other parties who are not privy to purchase information, and will only be used for the sole purpose of activities at Smudge Art Studio Inc.© As we respect your information, we asked that you respect the information we share with you. The information shared with our guests is the property of Smudge. Any guest found to be utilizing our proprietary knowledge for their monetary gain without our consent will be immediately banned from any activities with Smudge without compensation.

Behaviour: As with most services, rules are in place for the comfort and safety of all guests and staff. Should these rules not be followed by any participant and/or guest (child or adult), or should any guest behave unacceptably, they will be removed from the activity and, possibly, the premises with no compensation required to you. Smudge Art Studio Inc.© reserves the right to acquire compensation in any amount for any damage, excessive mess, excessive accommodation, etc.


Arrivals: Please be punctual for events. Participants who have not arrived within 20 minutes of the start time are considered absent (see below) and their spot(s) will forfeited without compensation.

Cancellations or Absences:  We understand that things come up - you may cancel your purchase for a public event with at least one week's notice received in writing to smudgeartstudio@icloud.com. A refund less a $5 per artist administration fee will be processed within a week of the cancellation. Because of our preparation requirements, cancellations cannot be made less than one week before the event. If you cannot make it to an event that you've committed to, you can choose to do one of the below:

(1) find someone to take your spot(s) - please just let us know who that person is so that we can replace them on our list, or,

(2) pick up your canvas(es) to paint at your leisure with your own supplies and imagination - we will be setting up for the event within the hour before the start time and would be happy to provide you with your canvas(es) at that time (they will not be available any other time than this) - we will need authorization from the purchaser to provide canvases to someone else, or

(3) forfeit your spot(s) - we will miss you!

No compensation will be provided for any absence.

Loyalty Cards: We love that you love Smudge! Collect 8 stamps on a loyalty card and earn a free spot to a public workshop with a maximum price of $45 per person. Cards are stamped at one stamp per card per physical person for public workshops only with a minimum purchase price of $40 per person. Stamps are not provided for absent guests or for past workshops. To redeem your spot, please email us a photo of the filled loyalty card with your chosen event. One loyalty spot per person per event. Loyalty spots are non-transferrable (i.e. you cannot use that free spot for a friend unless you are not able to make it - see options above). The card must be redeemed within 6 months of the last stamped workshop and surrendered to us no later than the day of your redeemed free event, otherwise a fee will be due for your spot.

FOR PRIVATE ART WORKSHOPS (privately booked by you, for you and your guests at your venue/location

Private Event PAYMENT: Private workshops are non-refundableThe base price of your event must be received within 24 hours of online purchase. Additional services or "extras" require confirmation and payment in full no later than one week prior to your event (which also means bookings must be made no later than one week in advance). Should payment(s) not occur within the required time, your reservation/event may be cancelled and, if applicable, a partial refund may be considered less any reasonable administration fee(s). All online bookings for private events will receive confirmation via a receipt from Smudge (Smudge logo on the receipt). 

Guidelines: Dates/Times will not be held until the minimum payment has been received in full. See above for payment information. All art activities are planned for a specific age level. If an artist registers for a workshop who is not the appropriate age/grade level of the activity may be asked to leave with NO reimbursement to you.

How Many: The base price includes a certain number of artists (please visit the details of this event on our website or on the communication provided to you to determine that amount). If there are additional artists, there are additional fees (again visit, the event description to determine what that fee is). Additional artist fees must be paid at least one week prior to your event. If payment is not received by this time, additional artists may not be permitted to participate. Smudge can host a maximum number of artists. Please ask for confirmation of the group size before booking (as of NOV2021, 30 is our current maximum). For groups larger than 20, we require your booking to be made at least one month in advance, as well as notification of your capacity expectations, so that we can order materials properly. All materials are subject to availability. 

When/Where: Your function time has been previously discussed with management and will be reconfirmed once the purchase is received. You are responsible for locating and providing a venue for your function. Approximately one hour prior to your start time, the venue must be set up in a manner that is conducive to viewing and learning the art technique being instructed (if you require guidance on setting up the space, please contact us). We cannot move furniture, nor will we have time to arrange it. When we arrive, we will immediately begin setting up the art stations (easel, paint, brushes, etc.). The venue must be aware that we use art materials (which can stain) and must have easy access to water with space for us to clean up.

Mileage: There is an additional mileage fee for venues outside of a 20km radius of the City of Lethbridge Hall. Depending upon the distance and the number of total artists, there may be an additional travel fee for an additional instructor. Please contact us to verify. Any mileage and/or travel fees must be paid in full one week before your event.

Time/Date Change Request: Should you need to change the time/date of your event (even if on the same date), we require a minimum of one week's written notice via email to smudgeartstudio@icloud.com, and a $50 administration fee will be due before the change is confirmed. The event can be moved to an available date/time within 6 months of the original event date.

Accommodations/Assistance: While we will provide instructional assistance for your private event, the host of the private event is required to maintain a presence during the event and provide supervision support if needed.

Why Smudge?

Because you deserve to create well!

What our artists say


Smudge is the best of the best! Have taken several classes with them and they are fantastic. All of the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly and really make it a great experience. I really have no artistic talent, and am always pleasantly surprised at how well my paintings turn out. Keep up the fun ladies!!


We booked a private event with Smudge and they were so awesome with our group! Wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again. They were so helpful and accommodating! We had so much fun!


Smudge is wonderful! I love that Smudge is actually an art school! They treat you like an artist from the start, and help you learn to be a better one. They will never tell you your work is good or bad. They will give suggestions if you ask, or teach you how to do something, but they will never paint on your canvas. The art is always yours.


What a fun evening! A group of us girls left the kids and hubbies behind and came to paint. I had such a good time, and felt relaaaxed. Smudge provides a wonderful easy going atmosphere and had lots of good tips. Perfect place for a girls' night out!

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