Open Studio


Friday Open Studios (see calendar below), we will give you 10% OFF your Open Studio pieces when you purchase two or more regular-priced pieces. Pre-purchase to use on a future date is not available for this promotion.

Open Studio

This is time set aside for you to just drop in and paint your own canvas, pottery, wine or beer glass . This time is truly valuable for those artists who want to paint their own masterpiece, but just don't have the space or materials to do so. Best of all, we even clean up after you're all done!

Open Studio times vary depending upon what we have going on at Smudge, but are updated on our calendar (below) by Monday for each upcoming week. Please continue to check our calendar as it is always being updated.

The First Friday of each month is Late Night Open Studio. Please see scheduled times below.... plus we may be able to pop more in here and there.

CANVAS: Choose to create your own masterpiece on blank canvas ($19 - $25), an outlined canvas ($24 - $30), or a splatter painting canvas ($29 - $35).

POTTERY: We don't have thousands of items to choose from - only the best - which makes it so much easier for you to choose! Piggy banks, plates, bowls, mugs, decor - we've got just the right selection to paint your own pottery. (Pieces vary from $25 - $59 depending on the piece.) We'll even hand glaze and fire it for you!

GLASSES: Hand-painted wine or beer glasses make any drink more delicious. Create your very own unique gift - we'll even cure it for you! ($24)

Prices include the piece as well as all materials (palettes, brushes, paints, etc.), studio space, finishing (glazing, firing, curing as necessary) and clean up! All you have to do is create.

Splatter room availability is dependent upon the classes we have running. Please click on the time slot below to see if it is open that day.

Pieces are priced per one artist. Should you wish to share a piece (canvas, glass, ceramic, etc.), there is an additional studio use fee of $5 per additional artist. This fee does not apply to adults who are supervising their young artist.

You are welcome to bring back your Smudge masterpiece to continue to work on it or do any touch ups for just a $10 Return Artist Fee. We are not able to allow outside art supplies into Smudge. All pieces are subject to availability.

Reservations are not necessary for Open Studio as all seating is on a first come basis. There is no technical instruction but we are, of course, there to help with any questions. We are not available for child supervision. Artists aged 11 and under must have an supervisor aged 16+ with them. Should Open Studio be held outside of our Office Hours, we may close up to 45 min early should there be no one here creating.