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Party Enhancements & Additional Fees

Cleaning/Vacating Fee: Should your party area not be cleaned to the same manner it was prior to your party and/or should you not vacate the party premises within the required time (as we need time to clean up and complete turn-around), you will be charged a minimum of $50 to any maximum deemed necessary by Smudge Art Studio Inc.

Development Fee: $40: If you require us to create a masterpiece that is not already in our library, there will be a $40 development fee due prior to us creating the masterpiece. This includes custom Pocket Pals, custom canvas paintings, custom wine glass designs, etc. We require at least 4 weeks notice for any custom pieces.

Additional Fees for parties that are 1 hr 45 min including the parties listed below:

Parties that are 1 hr 45 min in length or less are priced for 10 artists. Should you require additional participants, you will encounter an Additional Artist Fee, as well as an Additional Staff fee per below. Not all parties can accommodate more than 10 artists. Also, due to staffing, we may not be able to accommodate more than 10 artists. Please check with us first.

Additional Staff fee: $60: If you have more than 10 artists in your party, an additional staff member will be required (no exceptions). This will be added to the fee for additional artists as below (i.e.: staff fee does not include the additional artist fee).  If extra artists arrive on the day of your party without our prior knowledge causing the total number of participating artists to be in excess of the staff:student ratio as listed above, there will be a $100 penalty as we have not been able to staff properly. 

Additional Artist:

The fee for additional artists above the 10 already included in your package is $20 per artist (plus the additional staff fee as above). There are maximums to the number of artists per party type, as follows: Splatter Painting Parties have a max of 10 artists; Black Light Be a Real Artist Parties have a max of 12 artists; all other parties have a max of 18 artists.


For children's parties: Our occupancy allows for the host parents of the child to attend up to a maximum of at total of four parents/family members/parent assistants or non-participating guests. If you require extra guests to be present who are not participating, there is a fee of $5 per additional guest beyond the four maximum as above. This will be due prior to the end of your party.

For adult parties: No, we do not allow guests who are not participating to observe. All guests must be participating.

Splatter Painting: Below are fees for enhancements to Splatter Painting Parties Only

Substitute your canvas paper for 11"x14" canvas: $5 per canvas - must be ordered at least one week prior

Substitute your canvas paper for 16"x20" canvas: $9 per canvas - must be ordered at least one week prior

Party FAQs

May I bring other people to Smudge who are not participants in the party to sit in, or can parents of the kids stay to watch?
As above, for children's parties, you are welcome have a total of 4 adults/family members/teens or non-participating guests (including the host parents) for assistance. After that, there is a $5 fee per non-participating guest. This number may be limited based on the number of participating guests in the studio.

For Adult parties, no, all guests must be participating. 

What if I don't have the minimum number of artists for my party/event? Can I take the materials home?
No, we do not allow unused art materials to leave the studio, but you or another non-participating guest are welcome to join in and take up the extra spot. Alternatively, please ask guests to commit to their RSVP.

What if I or my guests are running late?
We start promptly at the start time, so you may ask guests to arrive up to 10 minutes prior (doors will not be open until 10 minutes prior to your start time). Any lateness will just be taken out of your art timeShould you as the host be 10 minutes late, we will have to cancel the party which will very sadly be forfeited, so please plan to be 10 minutes early. 

Who picks up the art and when?
We recommend the party parent or the host of the party pick up the art at least two days after canvas/splatter painting parties (paint needs time to dry), one week after ceramic painting parties, and up to two weeks after clay parties. We will gladly store your art free of charge for up to 2 weeks after the finishing date, but because we are not a storage facility, any art remaining after two weeks will be discarded without reminder (so we won't call to remind you or to let you know when it will be discarded). Please remember to pick up your art within two weeks! Check Office Hours before coming down.

Can I bring my own art supplies?
No. Do you take your own steak to a restaurant?

What if I have just one extra artist? Do I still need to have an additional instructor.
Yes. Our parties are timed for a certain number of artists. Just one more artist can throw off that timing if there is not more assistance.

Can I be the extra supervisor for the art portion?
No, due liability purposes, parents or non-participating guests are not able to supervise or assist during the 1 hour art portion. Parents or non-participating guests are asked to observe only during the art time.

What can I bring in?
You are welcome to bring in food and drinks, however, you are responsible for all cutlery, plates, etc. You must bring a table cloth to cover the table (we use art materials and, while we do clean thoroughly, we do not want any of that ingested). You can bring in a few decorations but, remember, you only have a few minutes to vacate the studio. Less clean up is better. Please do not bring in noisemakers or confetti or glitter as they are not 
conducive to our creative environment.

Can I bring in alcohol?
Yes, since our parties are private, but you  must bring in a valid liquor license per the AGLC. You cannot bring in liquor until that license is presented. 

Do you have a freezer?
No, we do not have any kitchen facilities which includes sink, fridge/freezer ... nada. Everything you bring in must be disposable or taken home to wash.

You may also want to check out our general FAQs page HERE. If you have any further questions than what is on this site, please just pop us an email at We hope to see you soon!

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