Groups & Parties

Additional Fees for Groups & Parties

Additional Guests
The following Parties are priced for up to 8 participating artists. Should you require additional participants, you will encounter an Additional Artist Fee per below and you may encounter an Additional Instructor Fee.

Additional Artist:

Be a Real Artist Party: $22 per artist

Be a Real Artist Party - Black Light: $24 per artist

Bobble Head Party: $20 per artist

Littles Ceramic Painting Party: $20 per artist

Bankables Ceramic Painting Party: $25 per artist

Dinnerware Ceramic Painting Party: $27 per artist

Monsters Ceramic Painting Party: $27 per artist

Pocket Pal Party: $20 per artist

Splatter Painting Party: $20 per artist

Neon Splatter Painting Party: $24 per artist

Additional Instructor: $60

If you have more than 10 artists in your party, an additional instructor will be required for each group of 10 artists. This will be added to the fee for additional artists as above (i.e.: this fee does not include the additional artist fee).

If extra artists arrive on the day of your party without our prior knowledge causing the total number of participating artists to be in excess of the instructor:student ratio as listed above, there will be a $100 penalty as we have not been able to staff properly. 


Sorry, but our studio is not a very large space. Our occupancy allows for the host parents of the child to attend up to a maximum of four parents/family members/parent assistants. If you require extra guests to be present who are not participating, there is a fee of $5 per additional guest beyond the four maximum as above. This will be due prior to the end of your party.

Cleaning/Vacating Fee

Should your party area not be cleaned to the same manner it was prior to your party and/or should you not vacate the party premises within the required time (as we need time to clean up and complete turn-around), you will be charged a minimum of $50 to any maximum deemed necessary by Smudge Art Studio Inc.

Splatter Painting Stretching to 3'x4'

Your large splash painting canvas comes straight off the roll, which is just how the artists do it. If you would prefer a pre-stretched 3'x4' canvas, we can provide one for you for just $79 (must be purchased at the time of the party booking). Alternatively, you can choose to have the piece of canvas hand-stretched onto a 3'x4' hand-built frame for just $99 (if purchased the day of your party). This is my favourite way to do it was the splatters get all the way around the canvas and shows continuously on all sides. Should you decide to have it hand-stretched onto a 3'x4' hand-built frameafter the painting has been rolled up, we can do that for you for $129. 

If you have any further questions than what is on this site, please just pop us an email at We hope to see you soon!

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